VARIO3 – Setting New Standards in Elastomer Inspection

The Asentics VARIO3 sets a new benchmark for high-precision fully automated inspection of many rotational symmetric seals

The Asentics VARIO3 embodies a completely new ergonomic concept, designed for testing batches and equipped with an internal supply of parts and fully automated part separation. The testing system is viewed through two large sliding doors on the front of a system especially designed for access from three sides only, thus enabling you to position your Asentics VARIO3 against a wall. In order to insure optimum ergonomic operation for the Asentics VARIO3 user, we opted for a versatile monitor with a touchscreen and extension cable that allow you to position your visual display on the Asentics VARIO3 housing according to your individual requirements. It is also possible to supply the entire inspection system housing with filtered air. Slight overpressure in the test system then reduces ingress of dust from the ambience.

The Asentics VARIO3 is designed for the highest performance at the highest resolution. Depending on the size and material of the part, it is possible to carry out a 360° check on up to 4.5 parts per second using six 3-megapixel cameras. Asentics use a symmetrical inspection concept with two adjacent glass rings, with identical inspection environments for testing both surface sides A and B. In order to speed up initial part parameterization yet further, the Asentics VARIO3 features a standard park position function. In addition, on the first glass ring, the height is controlled using our HR-HMU with a sensor resolution of 10 µm.


Brochure VARIO3 (English, 5 MB)
Brochure VARIO3 (Japanese, 1,9 MB)

System Performance
  • 360° Check
  • High-resolution inspection
  • Scalable scope of inspection
  • SDS - Specific Defect Sorting
  • Throughput: up to 9 parts /sec.
  • Outer diameter: 5 – 50 mm (min./max.)
  • Height: up to 9 mm


  • 1 and 3 Megapixel Cameras

Smallest size of defect in µm
(for 1 / 3 MP cameras):

  • Topside sensor: 51 / 31
  • Inside sensor: 57 / 33
  • Outside sensor: 57 / 33
  • Dimension: 40 / 25 radial
  • HMU - Height Monitoring Unit: 10 µm resolution
  • Reliable, standard-conform, reproducible results of the highest inspection level for the optimum in quality assurance.
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