Asentics MICRO is the unique solution for high-precision automated visual inspection in aspects of surface and checking dimensions of miniature elastomer seals.

The Asentics MICRO inspection system consists of two functional sections, the Separation Unit, which separates O-rings and seals with a 1 – 8 mm outer diameter, and the Inspection Unit, which is the core of the system, containing the sensors, software, hardware and electronic components. A Height Monitoring Unit is a standard feature of the Asentics MICRO, designed to monitor the part’s planarity and to reject rings stuck together immediately prior to inspection. The Topside Sensor inspects the upper and lower portion of a part for surface defects, the Dimension Sensor makes a high-precision measurement of the inside diameter, radial cross-section or outside diameter of the part. The Height Measurement Unit (HMU) is the first inspection device to check the O ring’s planarity. The HMU is available in normal and high resolution.


Brochure MICRO (English, 440 KB)

System Performance
  • Maximum inspection performance for micro-rings
  • Exact detection of the smallest defects
  • Universal feeding system
  • Throughput: 3 parts / sec.
  • Part size: 1.5 - 5 mm (min./max.)
  • Smalles detectable defect size: 30 µm (Topside sensor)
  • The only system in its class for automatic, high-precision inspection of smallest O-rings (OD > 1.5 mm).
  • An average resolution of 12 µm guarantees reliable detection of the slightest surface and dimensional defects.
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