Ultra-fast and reliable sorting and packing of elastomer seals using high-precision optical dimensional measurement according to ISO 3601-1.

The Asentics EASY is an automatic quality assurance inspection system for standard circular seals and customised non-circular seals (frame seals). The system’s mechanics are designed to measure precisely a broad range of products and to serve for an ultra-fast sorting and bag packing. The Asentics EASY is designed to provide optimum measurement results for high-volume sorting and packing batches of elastomer seals. As the part passes through the system, a high-precision optical dimension sensor and optionally a height monitoring unit (HMU) are determining the seal´s quality. Each single part is exactly counted and can be automatically sorted (Check & Sort) and/or packed with precise amount of parts with an optional automatic bag packaging system (Check & Pack). In this way the Asentics EASY is ideal to prevent fatal product mix-ups in the packing process.


Brochure EASY (English, 1,5 MB)
Brochure EASY (Chinese, 4 MB)
Brochure EASY (Japanese, 4,5 MB)

System Performance
  • High and steady throughput (up to 12 parts per second)
  • High-speed packaging performance
  • Broad range of parts (up to 100 mm OD)
  • Standard circular and customized non-circular seals (frame seals)
  • High measurement accuracy (acc. to ISO 3601-1)
  • Fully automatic system set-up
  • Asentics standard user interface (well-known from Asentics VARIO systems)
  • Product and order selection via barcode scanner
  • Remote access for configuration, backup and services
  • Small footprint
  • Low in height
  • High durability
  • Check & Sort (as basic inspection system)
  • semi-automatic set-up
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