Precise Surface Inspection of Big Seals

The idea to feature Asentics core strengths in image processing at the height of accessibility was the key to the development of the Asentics COMPACT2 system. The Asentics COMPACT2 is befitting for use in continuous production processes. In this mode of operation the inspection system receives the separated seals from the customer’s production units.

Alternatively, in scenarios where individual batches of parts are to be inspected, an external feeding unit supplies the inspection system with seals. The quality inspection system detects surface defects on both sides of the seals and checks the contour and dimensions of the seals. The height and planarity of parts can also be evaluated as an option. All parts are evaluated and sorted into good or bad. The extensive statistics module displays the inspection results on the screen, captures the data, and prints them out as an option.


Brochure COMPACT2 (English, 1,4 MB)
Brochure COMPACT2 (Japanese, 1,4 MB)

System Performance
  • Extra-large part spectrum
  • Open feeding concept
  • Automatic inspection results
  • Throughput: up to 12 parts / sec
  • Dimension:
    5 - 100 mm OD < 10 mm height
  • Accuracy: 20 - 90 µm (min./max.)

Asentics COMPACT2 is the leading system to inspect seals up to 100 mm OD.

  • ASENTICS inspection quality ensures production with extended part spectrum.
  • Large reversing station for reliable transport, even with metal/rubber combinations.
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