Easy , Fast, and Precise Dimension Measurement

Asentics AUTOGAUGE consists of a control unit including a PC, a supply unit, and the special evaluation and user software. The entire sensor head as well as a very stable mechanical assembly for the high resolution camera and the telecentric precision lenses is encased within a surround housing guarding against the influence of external light. The user-friendly operation requires simply placing a rubber seal into the inspection system and pressing a button to create the image capture. The inspection result is shown by displaying the measurement results on the monitor.

The inspection system enables the dimension inspection of parts from 5 mm to 120 mm outer diameter. In addition to the dimension inspection a "Height Monitoring Unit" (HMU) can be integrated for the inspection of the parts´ planarity as an option. Parts can be evaluated with a choice from three different fields-of-view sensor heads, allowing the best opportunity for precise measurement. In addition to the first sensor head, one additional sensor head can be implemented and linked to the existing control unit. The inspection results can be saved in a statistics file, and printed out immediately from a printer offered as an option.


Brochure AUTOGAUGE (1 MB)

System Performance
  • The Plug and Play System provides precise inspection results combined with high ease of use
  • Statistics immediately available on screen
  • Field of view: 60 or 120 mm
  • Height: 8 mm with HR-HMU
  • Resolution: 63 - 124 µm (min./max.)
  • Accuracy: 30 - 60 µm (min./max.)
  • Zeiss telecentric precision lenses ensure detection of slightest dimension or contour defects.
  • With the 10 µm precision Height Measurement Module HMU, you can extend your test range still further.
  • Reproducible precision means constant top quality for your customers!
  • The unique 2-point calibration is the perfect and ultimate precision measurement for all dimensions.
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