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The flexible
Inspection System



The quality inspection
system for miniature
elastomer seals



The High-Performance
Inspection System



Ultra-fast and
reliable sorting and
packing of elastomer


VARIOplus Kit

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Inspection Solutions for the Rubber- and Elastomer-Industry

In the global rubber, elastomer, and plastics industries, product quality plays a key role in boosting customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The customers demand consistently high quality in the products they use in high-tech or safety-critical applications. For ISO-certified companies, statistical evaluation of your production process and the documentation of product-relevant data is a requirement, not an option. Finally, the sealing industry is an extremely competitive market with many players jockeying for position. Automatic quality inspection is a smart way to further differentiate yourself from the competition and improve your position.

Sealing Inspection: We are the Experts

Our in-depth knowledge of sealing inspection enables us to be the first to develop and bring new innovations to market. Asentics Sealing Inspection’s inspection systems for rubber and plastic seals combine reliable quality control tasks with profit maximization and process optimization. 100% inspection of seals provides objective and reproducible product quality and a classification into different quality levels. Our quality control method provides fast, precise and reliable inspection results, underscoring your competence to your customers.
The results of automatic quality control also offer you an opportunity to optimize your own production process. In turn, this makes it possible to maximize your profit from production and to react quickly to changes in both production conditions, industry and market trends. Our inspection systems are highly developed, oriented to real-world needs and conditions, and specially tailored to customer requirements: they are top-of-the-line inspection solutions for the rubber, elastomer, and plastics industries. In addition to our standardized inspection systems, our teams of experts are also able to develop customized inspection solutions and implement them on-site in the customer’s specific production environment.

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