Access Control

Access Control

Smart-card ID provides user-defined access to the inspection system.
Secure your systems against unauthorized access.

Notches und Nubes

Notches and Nubs

Software for dimensional analysis of notches and nubs on the outer and inner rims. Detects not only size, but also number and mutual relationship.
Extend the range of parts suitable for inspection and take advantage of improved dimensional analysis.

Access Control

Power Guard

Power Guard safeguards your image-processing computer against unforeseen drops in voltage and runs it down under constant control.

Orientation Recognition

Orientation Recognition

The Auto Orientation Recognition software checks specialized seals with any type of surface structure and a symmetrical profile but without defined orientation.

I/O Ausstattung

I/O Equipment

Bar Code Reader,
Touch Screen,
Ethernet LAN Card

Advanced Part Search

Advanced Part Search

The Advanced Part Search software enables you to trace the exact contour of your test piece, even if the specimen is extensively deformed.


Antistatic Kit

Up to as many as five ionized-air nozzles neutralize electrostatically charged test pieces. Retrofitting is easy and favorably priced.

Remote Access

Remote Access

The remote NetOp© software guarantees rapid and economic servicing using online remote access. Reduce your potential system downtimes to a minimum.

Externe Zufördereinheit

Compact Feeder CFS250

Fast and universal feeding unit for the sealing inspection system COMPACT2. It offers maximum performance, highest uptimes and best ergonomics.

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Inspection Net

Inspection Net

Effective control over the entire production process by efficiently networking up to as many as 16 Asentics inspection systems.
A link to your in-house LAN enables you to monitor all test systems, both easily and rapidly.
Scope of supply: software, license, server.

Verpackungseinheit AB 180

Packing Unit AB 180

Automatic packing into bags of following sizes (min/max):
50 x 75 mm - 270 x 635 mm



Documentations on data disk, optionally as printed version, too.

Verpackungseinheit AB 255

Packing Unit AB 255

Automatic packing into bags of 405 mm x 800 mm size.


Calibration Set

The set is certified by an independent institute and is available for any type of sensor and all visual ranges (10 – 120 mm).
The calibration set guarantees accurate and reproducible test results at all times.

Multiple Area-of-Interest

Multiple Area-of-Interest

The software enables you to differentiate between as many as 5 inspection zones and to inspect specially shaped seals such as U cups or brake seals.

Multiple Area-of-Interest

Upgrade-Kit VARIOplus

Upgrade-Kit for all Vario inspections systems to improve machine performance and to extend operating lifetime.


Multiple Area-of-Interest

Sensor Upgrades

For expanded inspections and for the retrofit of existing systems with high resolution sensors.

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